Me · Summer


I’ve always been drawn to corsets, something about them simply amazes me. I bought one a year or two ago to help with my ribs which frequently sublux (or partly move out of place) the corset had been suggested by another friend of mine who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrom and uses it on tricky days that ribs just keep moving out of place. I had always wanted one, so it was a good time to get one (and a good excuse!). Now I’ve worn it a few times since I got it and it helped a lot but I know that corsets can also help with back problems and some even say anxiety issues! 
Last night I found myself searching and looking at corsets and designs and wishing I wore mine more. So I’ve decided today that I’m going to try. I want to wear it at least twice a week for 3 hours a time. I also will continue searching for great resources for others beginning to step into  the world of corsetting. Currently I have a simple black under bust corset that I will be using, though I long for a long framed over bust corset in some wonderful color. Maybe someday I will have that!

I hope you all will join me on this fun expedition and any questions you have please ask! I will search for answers and provide links as well!



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