Good afternoon!!! =D

Hello everyone! I’m just sitting here enjoying the wonderful day outside and helping my fabulous mother in law (to be) with her garage sale. 
Today has been relaxing and though I’m in much need of a nap I am doing just fine though! 
Eden has been hanging out with us and working on her NOT barking at people who come in to the sale. She’s been fabulous!!!

So the newest plan is to move in with Kyle’s grandma at the end of the month and the roomie’s mom is going to move in since she needs somewhere to live and so this will work out for us all!!! I truly cannot wait for all of this to be done and figured out. Still planning to move to Arizona in November and I’m so excited for that!!

I’M GOING TO BE A GOD MOMMY!!! Kyle’s sister is pregnant and asked us to be the God parents! 

And that’s the extent of amusement in my life!!
Anyone have any cute tips for baby-showers?!?! Please share them!!!



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