Good morning wordpress!

Good morning WordPress, how are you today? Good I hope. 
I’ve been spending the morning trying to fix my Sims game, it’s not cooperating with me and I’ve been trying to fix it the last hour and a half. Given that my shoulder feels like its grinding on the bone so I don’t mind not moving around a whole lot. 

I’ve been thinking lately about my lack of reading lately. I know i should read more but its been hard to focus on what I’m reading when I keep getting distracted by how stressed I’ve been. I’ve decided to try and ramp up my reading, One book a week. That’s all I ned, one book a week. and I will be back on track. I’m hoping I can keep to that.
Our roommate book club has been put on hold since my roomie’s sister didn’t have time to participate and we’ve just stopped keeping up with it. It might be picked up again but I’m not really sure when that will be.

On a different note, I’ve had a lot of trouble over the years understanding people when they talk, particularly if there is background noise or other people talking at the same time. It makes me incredibly stressed to the point that I have often just given up trying to understand. Recently I went into the Audiologist to try and get this fixed and I have a fitting on the 19th for hearing aids. We are hoping it helps since a lot of them can be programed to block out some of the background noise and enhance voices. In Minnesota we have 45 days after receiving the hearing aids to return them if they do not help with what we need them to. I intend to put myself in numerous situations that will imitate the situations I have the most issues in and if they help YAY! If not, we start looking else where!!
Once I get my audiology report (forgot to get a copy when I was there the other day) I will post the results of it. I will also do a review on the hearing aids we are ordering for me, I’ve been unable to find any decent reviews online yet, hopefully they work out well!



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