Just touching base to say that I am sorry I have been missing lately. I have 3 blog posts in the works right now and the review of The Host to put up as well.

This past weekend I had to have the beloved Cleo put down because she began having seizures and after having 8 in the span of about 22 hours, I could not keep putting her through that. This being said, I probably will not have the posts up today, but they are on my long list of to do’s and will be done by Friday, I promise. 

Quick update on other stuff I babysat my siblings for a week, went bowling with my best friend and her boyfriend, hung out with the amazing Sadee and just in general have been trying to sort life out. Stil do not have a new job, have been looking, and thats about it for all the fun lately. Promise there will be more soon.


Leave a comment about my writing, or simply something you are thinking about today!

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